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Are you amazed of the beauty of Russian Sculptural Art and wanting eagerly to learn this marvellous art?  Then this is the video tutorial you are looking for. A tutorial like this has never been produced in the art of Russian Sculptural in such a way that you can become an expert in very few days.  You must have attended a fortune to learn this art directly and have given up not able to do but this tutorial will put you in such an ease that you will never know that when became an expert in Russian Sculptural Art.  

Rich Madhusudhan one of the renowned Russian Sculptural Artist who is in limelight now in every social media for this art with so much of followers just because of her experty in producing such a beautiful Russian Sculptural art couldn’t keep the bliss of creating her masterpieces for herself has produced these tutorial videos being selfless explaining each and every steps from the scratch explaining every subtleties that you can easily and effortlessly become the finest master of Russian Sculptural art that too for an unbeatable price

You will be taught 1. Surface Development, 2. How to pick Plaster, 3. What knife to be used, 4. How to Create Leaves, 5. How to mix color for creating beautiful Leaves,  6. Poppy Flower, 7. Iris Flower, 8. Iris Flower, 9. Hydrangea Flower, 10. Orchid, 11. Peony Flower, 12. Magnolia Flower, 13. Bell Flower, 14. Bird, 15. Last but not the least, Russian Sculptural Art is never complete without ROSE.  

Very soon the basic technique tutorial courses in this list will be Rs.5000/- each and Rs.15,000/- for each Flower Tutorials. You can do the math.

This is an offer you cannot deny.  BUY IT NOW