Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t teach how to make the Sculptural Plaster neither we disclose the recipe.  So the answer is “Kindly refrain to ask this question, we don’t sell the recipe or teach how  Sculptural Plaster can be made”  Thanks again for not asking this question.

There are 15 Video Tutorials in Rich Shadez Complete Russian Sculptural Art Video Tutorial Course

For contents Please click the questions “What are the contents of Rich Shadez Complete Russian Sculptural Art Video Tutorial Course”

Rich Shadez Master Course is a complete tutorial on Russian Sculptural Art.  It includes 15 tutorial videos.  The list of the Videos is as below.

  1. Surface Development, in this you will be taught how to create a nice surface on which you will be creating your sculptural art.
  2. How to Pick Sculptural plaster, In this you will be taught how to pick the plaster in different ways of picking plaster and how to get thin layers so that you don’t waste plaster unwantedly
  3. Leaf Technique: you will learn to create different shapes of leaf
  4. Leaf Color mixing: Learn to create beautiful leaf by learning color mixing for leaves
  5. Knife Explanation:  In this tutorial you will know what all shapes of knife to be used what quality of knife you required
  6. Learn Poppy Flower
  7. Learn Iris Flower
  8. Learn  Orchid Flower
  9. Learn Hydrangea Flower
  10. Learn Rose Flower
  11. Learn Peony Flower
  12. Learn Magnolia Flower
  13. Learn Bell Flower
  14. Learn Bird
  15. Tips to preserve your work :  After creating your masterpiece it’s always good to preserve in the best manner.  In this session you will learn the tips and tricks of preserving your masterpiece.

you will be so thankful to yourself for gifting this tutorial to learn Russian Sculptural Art Master Course.  The offers may be taken away any time so go ahead and buy now.

YES we are 100% sure any intelligent and passionate person like you can very easily learn Russian Sculptural Art from this video tutorials the same way you may learn from direct workshops.  Richa is so committed to give you more than what you pay for.  She has dedicated hours to create this tutorials for you so that you can sit back and learn and create your masterpiece at ease.  Those who have bought these tutorials especially most of them bought the Master Course say “We have never come across such a fabulous tutorial,  you teach us from the scratch to the expert level, so nice of you Richa”  Next is your chance to create your masterpiece and get complimented by your family friends near and dear ones.  We want you to be proud to learn from such a fabulous teacher.  We believe in selling the BEST.  So go ahead and buy the tutorials.  We suggest go for the “Complete Russian Sculptural Master Course”.  Have fun creating your Russian Sculptural Art

You get only the access to 15 Tutorials.  All the materials required, the Plaster, Knife and Palette you need to buy.   Everything is available in this website on the best price possible.

We have created the tutorials in such a way that anyone can easily understand and start from the scratch and become an expert.  We are confident about this.  Rest is totally up to you.  If you have passion or even a little bit of eagerness,  these tutorials will make you an expert.  Even then if you are confident that you cannot learn do us a favor, do not BUY THIS TUTORIALS.

We want you to be the best because good business thrive because of word of mouth.  So we often conduct free webinars in which you can join and ask questions and clear your doubts.  You will get the privilege of posting your creations in Rich Shadez facebook and Richa will do her best to give you suggestion, how to make it more beautiful and also technical suggestions wherever it is required.

Below is an approx list of materials and tools you will need to practice Rich Shadez Complete Russian Sculptural Art Video Tutorial Course:

  • 4 Shapes of Knife
  • 1 Palette
  • 3 boxes of 450gm White Sculptural plaster
  • 2 boxes of 450 gm Green Sculptural Plaster. you may buy same shades or two different shades. Moss & Dark Green.
  • 450 gms of Poppy
  • 450 gms of Iris
  • 450 gms of Livando
  • 450 gms of Eden Rose or Dark Rozi
  • 450 gms of Cherry
  • 120 gms of Ceo
  • 120 gms of Limun
  • 120 gms of Fern
  • 120 gms of Satin Orange
  • 120 gms of B Berry

This is just for your info rest is all up to your decision what to Buy and What not to Buy

Relief Ornamentation and Border Making is not included in the Rich shadez Complete Russian Sculptural Art Video Tutorial.

The following are the suggestion of objects on which you can create Russian Sculptural Art.  Rest sky’s the limit.

  • Wall Clock small and big
  • Door Panels or any wooden panel
  • Flower Pot
  • Candles
  • Candle Stand
  • Waste tin / plastic containers
  • Decorative Mirrors
  • Decorative Photo Frames
  • Terracotta pots
  • Glass objects
  • Tissue paper box
  • Jewelry like bracelet, rings, ear rings, pendants etc
  • Ceramics objects
  • Brass objects

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