A Brief About The Sculptural Artist and Mentor

                     Richa Madhusudhan is a trending Sculptural Artist & Mentor, focused on creating 3D floral Sculptural  art which is famous in the name of Russian Sculptural. Under her mentorship and inspiration many have learnt this fabulous art and they always say one thing about her ” Richa is a great teacher who teaches whole heartedly and make sure that you learn this art at its best and become an expert” She has done her fashion degree from the renowned NIFT, Delhi and her masters from INSTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN, Milan, Italy.  Everyone reaches their passion thru a great journey in various ventures and she found her passion in Russian Sculptural Art and she is not only a pioneer in this in India but also a the one and only proud manufacturer of the best Sculptural plaster in India in her own brand name RICHSHADEZ. Her work is not only a trend but on demand to be learnt and Art lovers, hobbyist and professional wait in eager to attend her workshop in many parts of India and her youtube channels “Rich Shadez” are being watched by many around the world. She even runs Free online FB live session to teach everyone this art.  She always says “I want to spread this beautiful art to everyone, because when you create these beautiful flowers it gives a great feeling just like doing a very deep meditations”

Richshadez is one stop for all the materials you want to buy related to sculptural art.